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Minimal Move will be released on Steam today, March 31!

Today is the day!

Minimal Move launches for PC on Steam starting from today!

To celebrate its release, we will offer a 15%-off sale for one week from the release date!

Don't miss it!

We are so happy to announce that finally we reach this day to release officially our very first game "Minimal Move" on Steam!

To celebrate its release, Tako will offer a 15%-off sale for one week from the release date!

We added many and much more difficult levels, more cinematic story and the scoring system.

We hope you enjoy this challanging puzzle game!

You can watch the trailer from here.

Key feature:

  • COOPERATE WITH OR WITHOUT: Minimal Move is playable in solo or in cooperative mode. We highly recommend playing with two!

  • BE A PART OF AN ADVENTUROUS STORY!: Minimal Move is a story driven puzzle game that takes place in a wonder science fiction world.

  • EXPLORE DIFFERENT WORLD!: Each world will have different types of blocks for playing the puzzle in new ways.

  • MEET FUN AND DANGEROUS CHARACTERS!: In addition to the main characters Kaiten and Ido, there will be funny but maybe dangerous monsters and robots coming your way!

  • SMASH EACH OTHER: Ido and Kaiten can smash each other! Be careful and enjoy smashing! But don’t hate each other!

  • MINIMAL MOVE TO GET STARS!: New scoring system is adding the puzzle more challenging! Get 3 stars with your minimal move!

Product Summary

Platform: Steam (Windows)

Number of people who can play: 1 or 2 people

Price: € 9.99/ $ 11.99

Supported languages: English, French, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese


We would like to thank all of the people who supported us through this production of Minimal Move.

We started by funding by an official program from the French government Centre National du Cinéma et de L'image Animée, and the city of Paris.

We are also backed by crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Thank you very much for the big support! Without you, we couldn't do this far.

Minimal Move is received Le Coup de Coeur du jury in 2018 at the Indie Game Factory. In 2019, we are selected to participate Tokyo Game Show in the Indie Game Area Official Selection. We also awarded the Best Design in 2020 at the Taipei Game Show, and the Epic Mega Grants in 2020.

And you.

Thank you so much!

Please give us your feedback by Discord, DM through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or simply email us!

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