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Today is our big day! 

Minimal Move started the Kickstarter campaign TODAY!

Please visit our Kickstarter page and become our Backer! 

Our Kickstarter page is from here:

Become an Early Bird!First 48 hours!

For the first 48 hours, as an early bird, you can get some tiers with the special price!

Early First Move tier is 12€ instead of 15€.

Early Space Explorer is 170€ instead of 200€.

The Early Super Collector is 650€ instead of 800€. 

We also have some tiers for a limited number!

Please check them out NOW!

The first 48 hours can be the most important hours for the success of Kickstarter because we can show the other potential backers that we are able to get this much for the short period of time! 

As you already know well about Minimal Move and also you tried the Alpha by now, we hope you can be the first backer to support us in the first 48 hours! 

Please talk about Minimal Move to your friends, co-workers, neighbors, people in the shop, people who you meet just when you walk your dog, or even strangers at the metro! 

We believe Minimal Move has a big potential and we don't make you regret! However, our community is still small and that is why we need you!

Please share your comments, suggestions and questions on our Kickstarter page!

We will update newest information through the Kickstarter update page!

Thank you so much always for supporting us! 

Now we kicked our start so let's make this happen!

Our Newsletter is from here:


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