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Minimal Move Early Access Starts from May 20th! 

We are happy to announce today that Minimal Move will be finally on Steam for the early access starting from May 20th!

It's such a difficult era all over the world now.

We hope you are doing well.

Thank you so much for waiting our game to come out.

We are very sorry that our production of the game has been delayed and we have kept everyone waiting.

It is not yet the full version of the game.

This version will be 3 worlds with puzzles, and the graphic is improved with new feature which is a scoring system.

Our plan of the release of the game, first it will be an early access on PC, and then the final version will be released in 3 to 6 months after the launch of the early access.

The early access price will be € 9.99/ $ 11.99

It is a great deal than the normal price!

New contents will be added during the early access such as cinematics, skin system, and new puzzles.

Our Steam page is available from here:

Don't forget to add Minimal Move on your wishlist!

We will do our best to make the best game for everyone who is waiting.

The situation is unimaginable all over the world.

Please be careful and stay healthy. We sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity to meet you all with a smile someday.

Stay healthy and enjoy the puzzle!


Minimal Moveのアーリーアクセス、


Minimal Move(ミニマルムーブ)が今週5月20日からアーリーアクセスをPCのSteamにて開始いたします!

世界中で大変な時代に突入しております中、フランスに拠点があります私たちTako Studioもゲーム製作が遅れており、ゲームを楽しみに待っていてくださっている皆様には大変申し訳ない状況だと思っております。

今現在、Minimal Moveの製作が終了している範囲にはなりますが、5月20日から緊急アーリーアクセスを開始することをご報告させていただきます。













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