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How to play minimal move online co-op on steam

Minimal Move is playable solo or co-op in local for now, but with Steam's Remote Play, now you can play Minimal Move with your friends on online!

Maybe it's familiar already if you are using Remote Play on Steam, but for those who is new to Remote Play, we explain today how to play Minimal Move on Steam with the online co-op mode!

1 . Log into Steam and launch Minimal Move!

You'll see this icon "Remote Play Together" on your screen (bottom right)!

(You can't click this icon though...)

2. Go to your friends list and invite your friend!

Go to your friend list and right-click it on your friend's name. Now choose "Remote Play Together"!

3. Your friend will recieve your invitation♡

Say YES! He/she can click "Play the game" (green) button!

4. Go back to Minimal Move!

Now you go back to play Minimal Move! You'll see this icon on your screen (bottom right)!

5. Enjoy Minimal Move!

Choose CO-OP mode on the menu.

You (person who invite) is going to be a player #1.

Your friend (person who got invited) is a player #2.

Have fun!!!

We hope it's easy to understand how to play this game online co-op mode using Remote Play on steam!

Steam also explain with a video here:

If you have any question regarding to Minimal Move, please feel free to contact us!





Minimal Move Early Access is now available on Steam!

Thank you for supporting us!

日本語でのRemote Playの説明はこちらからどうぞ!:



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