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6 days to our kickstarter campaign!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

We are excited to announce that Minimal Move starts a Kickstarter campaign from May 14th!

May 14th!!!

Don't forget to put this on your schedule!

The participation period is 30 days and it is scheduled from May 14th and the deadline of the campaign ends on June 12th.  

The goal is not only the achievement of the amount but also having a network all over the world through this campaign to expand a community with strong connections and active communications with users for exchange their various viewpoints on the game production. 

The first 48 hours, you’ll have a great deal as an early bird!

Register Kickstarter now if you haven’t! 

How do I pledge?

We hope you can participate our campaign as well! 

Please talk about our game with your friends and family! 

Let’s do this together!

Check this out our newsletter here:

Be ready to KICK START the success of this game together!!!

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